Possible in Adalo? Option Tracker & Dashboard

Hi! Newbie here :slight_smile: I have an option tracker with a dynamic dashboard built in Google Sheets that I provide to my subscribers that seems to work well. However, I’d like to make an app out of it for better mobility. However I’m not sure if it’s possible using Adalo with the conditional formulas I’m using in Google Sheets.

I’ve played around with Adalo and can make the forms, but saving calculated values to the database is eluding me as well as displaying specific information to the user based on what type of trade was made.

Finally, dynamic graphs for the dashboard based on date range, is this project even possible in Adalo? I couldn’t find any templates or showcased apps that have these attributes, so I thought I’d ask in the forum. Thanks!

Hi @Trading_5_Talents ,

As soon as you update the form, you can still do action update to fill the calculated fields and do other update actions to other collection for example, assuming you have them in your collection.

For chart, if you need other solution, there are other posts before regarding this using external service.

Thank you! I did see a potential option for calculating values and writing to the database, so I’ll check that out. I’ll also search for the custom charts.

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