Can i create form by my self

i want to create form rtl. can i do this?
i need to create screen that user create row in table db with toggle… can i?

Hi @moshe212,

Of course you can create your own form - just use the input components (input field etc.), add a button and add an action to create new record / update existing one.

In order to work with toggle, you need to have data already available on this screen. Toggle changes True/False property of some record immediately. So there are 2 options here:

  • you work with already created record (create it on the previous screen, for example)
  • you imitate toggle with icon buttons, for example, like in video here: Small hints: Toggle Imitation

Best regards, Victor.

Thank you.
i do this and now when i click on the button to creat row its done and the text and checkbox is gone and my screen is empty…

Hi @moshe212,

Sorry, I don’t quite get what you did and what’s the problem you’re facing.
Did you check this tutorial ?

Also, may be if you explain what you would like to achieve, it would be easier to advise how to do it.

Best regards, Victor.

We currently do not support RTL in Adalo. We are aware of the problems this creates and we will work to a solution when possible. In the meantime you can upvote this request and you will be notified when it is implemented.

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