Can I create menu of my screens, without manually adding each one?

My main menu screen currently consists of a rectangle, a text item, a chevron, and a separator line for each item.

Building each item manually (even with copy/paste), aligning them, and rearranging them when I want to insert one in the middle, is a pain in the butt.

I want to build this menu as a list, with links to my various screens. That way, the layout, positioning, and spacing would be consistent, clean, and neat. And simple.

I tried creating a MainMenu collection, and populate a nice list from that collection, but I can’t figure out how to make each item link to its proper screen.

Can anyone help with this?

No list. You can’t select which screen they go to unless you add a ton of link actions with “When does this happen” conditions. I tried this out and it makes the navigation menu extremely slow and problematic.

Keep them how you have them except use grouping to make the process easier.

Group each menu item together.

Like in this screenshot with the 3 items, you can make 3 groups. Group the text, line, and icon of each group for each link separately to create 3 link groups.

When you want to add items, click on one of the groups, hold option, and begin to drag the group. This will duplicate that group. Then, hold shift while dragging the group to keep the alignment and drag it into the desired location. You can grab multiple groups at once by clicking each group while holding shift.

So if you want to add say “Past Events” right below upcoming events, click on the upcoming events link group, hold option and drag to copy, hold shift to drag it below the upcoming events group. Shift click the Mikes Notes and Resources groups and drag them below the new “past events” group.