Is it possible to link to other screens from a list?

Sorry to be dominating the Forum these days but I have so many questions.

It seems like it isn’t possible to link to other screens from a list. Is that true? If so, I can live with it but it would be more elegant if I could link back through the database from the images in the screenshot below.

Incidentally, Adalo won’t allow different icons on a list so I had to capture screens of the native icons used here, work on them in Photoshop then add them to the database as images.

Hi @DaBoo,

You can link to different screens from a list with conditional link actions!

See this post by Tito :

But I guess if you have more conditional link actions this may be slow.

A post by Mario :

Thank you

Thanks @dilon_perera: @tbel 's soloution worked well.

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