How to create "Slider Tabs & Buttons" for navigation?

Hi, I would like to enable users to navigate to multiple pages utilizing a slider with multiple tabs. Is there a component similar to the slider lists but specifically for buttons and tabs? If not I’d like to request this ability. Thanks.

Hi @Jonathan !! :wave::wave:

You can use horizontal chip list.

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If so, how do I add multiple screens to a horizontal chip list, and then how do I link each one? I have like 7 to 8 tabs I need to create and link to.

@Jonathan you want to link for multiple screens know ?

Like 1st then go to first screen,2nd go to second screen etc know?

@Jonathan you want like this know?

Then do like this.

One more thing to say :blush: :blush: In your DB you are writing the item page know. So in the link action you have to type the same name(Is equal to > item page name). If the name is wrong (not the item page name in your DB ) then this will not work.

I hope you solved your question. :blush:

Thank you :blush: :blush:

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@dilon_perera Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the time you took. I see that you just set up a database collection for all of the screens and linked them to the horizontal chip list.

This would work even if I wanted to display info from other database collections on each screen, correct?

@Jonathan I didn’t get it :neutral_face:. Can you explain a bit more?

I think I fully understand. I really appreciate you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Jonathan are you saying you wanted to display more info in a screen

No, I was asking if the info you displayed had to be from the Nav Bar database.

No. That collection helps you to navigate for other screens
And for setup the Horizontal chip list .

@Jonathan So when you added more info for a screen and when you click a item in the list and it will go to that screen and the info which you added also displaying in that screen.No need to add that info for the navbar collection. That Collection is helping for link to other screens.

I hope you got the answer for your question. :innocent:

Thank you :blush: :blush:

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But if you are using the magic text to display the info you have to add a relationship between the nav bar and that collection.

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Got it Perfectly. Thanks a Bunch!! :grin:

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Your Welcome @Jonathan :blush: :blush: