Can I do this with Adalo?

Thank you in advance for your help! I need to create an app that will be used organization wide. Small teams will meet for debrief at end of shift. Most of the app is really simple they just follow the screens and a facilitator conducts the debrief based on the prompts that the app provides. The thing I am concerned about seems simple but may be very difficult. Each member of the team should rate their emotional state at the beginning of the debrief and then again at the end of the debrief. And the facilitator should have access to an aggregate before and after score to understand the impact of the debrief on the emotional state of the team. That part is easy. And Ideally team members could see their own personal results across multiple debriefs. Could the app be programmed to set up a discrete meeting with x number of participants drawn from a pool of users in the organization. (I hate to say it but something like a zoom meeting) Create a record of those pre and post rating scores inside that debrief that happened at a certain time. How would the app associate for example 8 random users into a single event “the debrief”, record the scores for that event then make it accessible? In a way that the app knows which participant was in which debrief with which facilitator as a discreet event. Dropdowns with facilitator names won’t work because of privacy laws. Multiple debriefs could be happening at the same time. And each time the the selection of attendees would be change so a set group wouldn’t work. At first glance this seems simple but may not be? Before I begin to learn the platform’s process is this something that is even a good fit? I mean is this possible on this platform? Thanks you so much.

I had a second thought; I understand the results will be available in the database by just using for example the star rating component. But the facilitator won’t have access to the database on the back end. I need the facilitator to see just the results of the discreet debrief in app, and the other attendees to see their results over time in app.

Yes. Plan your data structure and dive right in, learn about relationships. The good thing about Adalo is you can start roughing out your idea in minutes and start testing.