Can this be done in Adalo? (Sending out reminders, survey charting, and screen sharing)

Hi, I have an idea for an app I’d like to move forward with on Adalo. There are two functions for it I’m wondering if Adalo has the capability to do?

  1. I would like for users to set a reminder to take a medication, fill a survey, fill a journal, etc. on a daily to weekly basis. Basically function like the Alarm app on iPhones, but send simple one time notifications personalized to the user and how they specify the reminder for themselves.
    Note: Can this be more easily done on Backendless? As I see that they offer scheduled push notifications and integrate with Adalo.

  2. The specific survey would be something like PHQ-9 where there are 9 questions to answer which in the end gives a numerical score from 0-27. Can it be made so that when the user clicks to input PHQ-9, the 9 question survey pops up, they are prompted to fill it, and then the end score is stored in the system and charted? I would want a graph to be created as they go on filling the PHQ and other metrics. I would want just a chart associated with these scores for simplicity’s sake, not needed to have a calendar plugin to go back and see what score was when.

  3. For the same app where they fill out medical surveys and fill journals on a consistent basis, I would like the ability for them to share their progress with another person (e.g. medical provider who is also using the app). The way I see this happening is each user has a unique code and the provider tells them their unique code, which the user inputs on their end and then for 30 min, the provider will have access to view the specific details of their surveys and other metrics (these details would be the automatic charted results of their surveys, overview of how often they took their medications the past 30 days, etc.).
    Note: This feels like it may be very complicated and make the app timeline a lot longer. Would it be better to have a share function where the user can just have an email sent off to a specific person with a pdf/csv of their information?

Sending notifications is possible, survey chart in-app is possible.

That’s Good news ^

Bad news screen sharing [Like discord] or Voice chat isn’t possible! :frowning:

Thanks for the quick reply! I see there’s been some issues around sending notifications I think, do you know if Backendless would be good for notifications?

And I see, I don’t need real time sharing or voice chat. I was thinking something like where the two people are on a telehealth call and the other person can get essentially a screenshot of the other person’s screen - because they can’t just lean over and look at their phone in the moment.

For notifications check those…

Creating a Notifications Screen in Adalo - YouTube

Scheduled Push Notifications - YouTube

Day 2 - Trigger Push Notifications | 100 Days Adalo Video Challenge - YouTube

Day 1 - Notification Badge | 100 Days Adalo Video Challenge - YouTube

^All those are made by amazing Adalo community! So ask always as they will help you!

About telehealth call, any thing related to voice call isn’t in Adalo! BUT, messaging each other with image adding is possible!

Create Functionality to Send Images via Chat in Your No-Code App - YouTube

^Made by ADALO, check it out! :slight_smile:

That’s great, thanks for the links!

Ohh, chat is something I haven’t thought of. I think that can work. My goal is to make it as simple as possible. I wouldn’t want them to take screenshots and deal with attaching images. I’m wondering if they can have a chat and somehow create a button that when clicked sends a visual of the survey and meds through the chat…

So chat with no images is also possible, but sending information via chat could be possible but a bit hard, never seen anyone adding that into a chat feature!

Here is an idea, add 2 Log-ins 1 for guests and 1 for doctors, they can have appointments with doctors.

Oh I’m not sure I follow? How would that make it so the user can have their data shared easily with the doc?

So I am confused you want user data to be in a google document?

No, sorry. I want the user side of the app where they put in their medical related info and that gets graphed into charts (multiple for multiple health metrics). And I want the doc who also is on the app, to easily see those charts and information with ideally not much effort.

Its possible with chart component in community market place!

For example, I would like a chart like this created on the user side. And then the provider should be able to view it quickly somehow. An alternative though is that they are emailed that chart and that can work too.

Yeah, it’s possible!

Do you mean the provider viewing that quickly? I guess there can be something like a messages/inbox tab and the doc can receive a message from the user and that message can have a pdf/image attachment. Real time chat isn’t needed. But a picture inbox that summarizes up the different charts and medication history would be very great.

That’s in my experience possible, can’t wait for you to start working in your apps, any issues you know where to ask your issues, here ofc! :slight_smile:

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