Can I geotag a QR scan to a restaurant and apply a % kickback?

Hello! This is out of my wheelhouse as I’m somewhat new to Adalo, but I’m curious if it’s possible for me to link a QR scan to a restaurant by geotagging the location the scan occurred? The main idea of my app revolves around giving restaurant owners 50% of the member’s monthly subscription fee for my app, by bringing new users to sign up on the app. 50% for me and 50% for the restaurant owner who referred the new user. So I’d like to identify the restaurant owner, every time a scan is made and apply the kickback to that restaurant owners account for as long as the sign up is an active paying member on the app. Any guidance on how I should go about doing this? Thanks!

Why not just use a unique QR code for each restaurant?
Saves one step, limits use of actions :abacus: and avoids issues with users giving location permission.

But yes, it is possible.

User allows location and camera use.
App confirms device is within 𝒙 radius of restaurant
App allows QR scan

Bada bing.

I would need to create new cards with unique QR codes for every restaurant if I did it that way, instead of having a universal card that all restaurants can use for guests. Also, I’m not sure camera access would be necessary since the user isn’t on my app when scanning. They’re brought to download the app when they scan, from their own camera. Not a QR scanner within my app.

Also curious about the percentage aspect of giving 50% of the subscription fee to the appropriate restaurant owner, for the referral.

If the user is scanning a QR that directs them to download the app, you will not be able to harness the device location until the user has got to step 5.

  1. downloaded the app, 2. signed up, 3. logged in, 4. accepted location usage. 5. pressed a button or triggered an action in your app.

I would go with a unique QR code or take them to a web app on their mobile device so they can enter a secondary 4 digit code? Then sign them up and invite them to download the app. You could do the webapp part in Adalo too.

Yes, pay them out via stripe. They would need to register to a business side of your app.
There are A LOT of posts on the forum about stripe.

Thanks for the help, makes sense. Although I’m not exactly following the web app route, that’s just strictly to grab the location easier? I have a backend web app for restaurant owners where they upload their restaurant and menu.

I will look into stripe. The flow for the business model is restaurants agree to partnership > upload their restraint info on the web platform > I send them the cards with the QR code (unique to them might be best as you’re saying) > they refer new sign ups to my app> I’m able to give them 50% of that new sign ups subscription fee (every month) for as long as that user is an active paying member. This can be accomplished through stripe? That would be an in app payment system then correct? Not ran through App Store pricing when downloading the app.

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