Can I make a component move left if the left item is empty?

When I stack one item directly below another (with yellow boxes touching), the bottom one will move up if the top item is empty.

Is there any way to do this horizontally?

In other words, if I have text field A, and then I set text field B directly to the right (with both fields touching), can I make B move to the left if A is empty?

My use case is this:

I have a Date/Time line that includes 4 separate fields for MON FEB 17 10AM. I have to have these fields separate.

In some cases, there is no date, just a time.

How do I make the time move to the left when there is no date? Right now there is an ugly gap in that situation.

I’d appreciate any help with this.

Put a rectangle behind both text components and group them together.


Do you mean one rectangle behind both, or one rectangle behind each?

1 rectangle behind both

See here I have 2 text components and 1 rectangle. The first text component is sometimes visible. When it’s hidden, the text-2 expands to fill the missing area.

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