Components when I change the visibility change position

Hi, in several situations I have components that alternate with the change of visibility, in theory when one is hidden and the other appears they should use the same position but in reality the positions of other components also change… how can I solve it?

Place a hidden rectangle behind both of them and group all 3 together.

I tried, it moves less but still it moves a little … I tried to put a rectangle adhering to the components for fear that they would move inside the rectangle but they move a little anyway

Make sure that the rectangle is the exact width of the components and the height of both components combined.

Make sure that the other components are nested precisely against the borders of the rectangle and no spacing around anything. Everything should be nice and tightly bound together.


I made the mistake of putting a third component inside the rectangle… putting inside only the two elements that alternate works… thanks a lot for the help

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