Elements not holding positions

Hello, has anyone experienced that elements do not hold positions, overlap and end massed up? I tried fixed positions but even that doesn’t seem to work. Thanks!

Yes somehow when we play with several components with several visibility options, it will somehow behave in an unintended way.

So far, I only found these ways to minimize problems :

  1. Don’t ever overlap one component’s box with another (you know, that yellow box when we click to a component?). Make sure each component always exactly inside box of each other, or outside box of each other.
  2. Hidden item works best when they are positioned exactly at the bottom or top of the visible item. But when it’s position is besides the visible one, it somehow again don’t behave as we wanted to.
  3. Sometimes I need to group a component with a hidden rectangle so that component have top padding addition (the hidden one). Then it won’t stuck up on top of the screen when it shows up (when the visible one is hidden).

Hope this will help you!


Thank you for your help!