Can I update a relation column to value of other table?

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I’d like to update the “Products” column of Posts table to “User’s Products” of Users table when users click “CREATE POST”
Please some good ideas…

If I click “Add Another Action”, it can’t.
スクリーンショット 2021-04-19 20.32.49

Hi @yoshiki,

If I am understanding correctly, you are wanting to populate what a User selects for User Products into the Posts Products field. You can do this by selecting “Update > New Post” as in your screenshot and update the fields you want, ie the the Products field.

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Thanks @KBass ,

It means adding relation column “Products” to the posting screen.
Can we add relation column to Form?

As reference:
In add product screen when users add product, save products to “Products” of Users table as temporary data. Then I’d like to add “Products” of Users table to Post table when creating post.

Hi @yoshiki,

It looks like your page links are your primary issue. As a reminder, Adalo is very much one directional with passing data from one screen to the next. Just from your screen shot, I would have your page flow start with Add Product > Product Image List > Create Post. This may help solve the relationship availability. But it should be possible to accomplish what you are wanting.

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Hi, @KBass
I appreciate for your polite answer.
I solved it by changing page flow.

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That’s wonderful, @yoshiki. Glad you were able to make it work!