Can I use the returned value of a custom action as amagic text afterwhile?

Context is the following:

  • I’m doing an external user login (with Bubble)
  • i understand the only information i can then use as a magic text from the logged in user is the token and the user id
  • in my bubble database, the user has several other attributes i would like to use as magic text, such as username.
  • i’ve implemented successfully a custom action (let’s call it RetrieveName) that gives me the username.

in this article Custom Actions - Adalo Resources, it says:

9.) Click Run Test Request. If all goes well, you will receive a Test Successful message along with an output from the API called shortURL . These outputs are automatically created Magic Text outputs for the returned data. You can customize these outputs by clicking on them to change their name or type, or you can delete an output if you don’t need it. Once done, click Save Custom Action.

My question is: can i then use this returned value as a magic text anywhere? Use case would be, put a Text component, click on magic text and be able to see the option “RetrieveName output”.

Hi @Sebastien,

You can use the results of the custom action in the subsequent actions, for example, you can update property of some record (if it’s available) with the values - results of the custom action. Flyout menu will have this option.

You can’t update any text label on the screen itself though, or pass the results of the custom action to other screens.

The issue I see here is that sometimes these results are stored in Users collection properties, in Logged-in User, to be used later; but in your case it is not possible as I understand…
As an option, you can try to use Input and store the result via Change Input value.

Best regards, Victor.