Can mobile app be migrated to Adalo 2.0 responsive version

Hello Adalo Expert Community,
Wondering can existing legacy Adalo mobile apps can be copied as a new responsive app?
Or new responsive app for websites?


Yes, follow this -

  1. App Settings
  2. Copy and delete
  3. Click copy
  4. Name your app
  5. Select responsive
  6. Click Done

Thanks @ishantanusrivastava !
I see that however was worried about the following.
Will it maintain all the external API connections?
App is published and live in app store and play store, will anything get impacted there?
There are users using it, last thing i want it to be unstable or even break.
What are the risks involved, if any?

Have you tried that for any live mobile app app? What improvements you see?


I think yes, if you choosed the same database. Recently I started working on this type of request and as of now I’m not facing any issue.

Hello @ishantanusrivastava ,
Thanks but I am looking for more definitive answer then I think for the reasons I shared above.

Real success story of live mobile app migrated to Adalo 2.0 without any issues, or list of issues encountered and process to overcome.

Anyone in adalo community can share that.


Hi @ishantanusrivastava thank you so much! Basically, Gunjan, as the owner of the Adalo project, wants to know if they already have a success story that has had a mobile app that later has gone to the responsive option but when publishing to stores it always continues to be a mobile app, I give myself to understand?

cc @Gunjan