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hi there,
i have problem with migrating an app to the responsive 2.0 app.
I dont know if this is a common and known problem but when i use the “copy paste” method, everything is fine on the preview, until i start editing something. Then the layout is like stretching itself and i have to do it all over again. This is for mobile layout as im building mobile app.
For example - if i simply edit something on any mobile screen or add another action, it immediately rearrange something and on the preview its like a mess.
I can record a short video and show you what i mean if u dont understand.
Therefore, i have two questions:
-1. What are the benefits of using the new responsive app builder, compared to the old one (exept the layout feature for mobile, tablet and desktop view). Are there any real benefits except the layout to make me want to switch from old Adalo builder to the responsive 2.0 one?
-2. Can i continue to build my app on the old builder (as i am mainly interested of building and publishing mobile app, not tablet or desktop app) AND copy and paste and switch to 2.0 responsive app once im (almost) ready, right before publishing the app? Would i miss any important things if continue to build it on the old builder?

Thanks and good day/night

i would love to see the video to unstand more and the main thing with 2.0 is that thing that you want to be side by side and menu bars grow base on size of screen but on the old on they are fixed

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When legacy app is copied as responsive app you will need to check and rearrange all components. And i mean all of them.

Before doing that you need to learn how new features in Adalo 2.0 work. And then it will be much easier to create a proper layout.
I recommend, go to Adalo App Academy and watch the course “Building Responsive Apps”.

When publishing a native app from Adalo 1.0, it will still look different from what you saw on the web preview, adjustments will be needed anyway and sometimes its hard to figure out.

When layout is laid correctly in Adalo 2.0 it will be much easier to publish native app.

Thanks for your answer

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