Can responsive app (mobile view) adjust to horizontal display?

Any way to allow the user view the screens in horizontal display?


Hello experts,
Any clue?
Is my question not clear enough?
Thank you!

Hello experts!
Has no one ever tried displaying a mobile app horizontaly ?
I’m sure I’m missing something very basic.
Your tip is highly appriciated.
B. regards,

If you want that view will be only horizontal or vertical in Adalo it is impossible to do. You must reach most important code of app and Adalo don’t give that oportunity, only one app builder gives its.

So you don’t miss nothing if I understood you clear

@Simonas1981 is right, this is only available in coding environment to control or if Adalo does, it is very limited

Thank you very much @Simonas1981 and @njimmy10
Big surprize for me but at least I now know for sure, thanks to you replies!
Can I please get details of that one app builder?