How to user image picker

hi, I’m currently using adalo for free plan.

i want to user to upload img file using image picker. But nothing is on left side bar at adalo editor page.

Am i missing some setting or is it just a bug?


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The database must contain data, for example: user table, name, photo, etc.
And a link to this page from the one with which the data is needed.

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Hi @yamadatarou,

That is ok. Image Picker is just a “canvas”, which you put in your app to let user upload the image.
In order to perform the actual action with the image uploaded, you need to


As you said, I’ve created another database collection, and solved the problem! Big thank you!

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Thank you for reply, Victor!

It does make sense! as you said i put another button to upload the database and solve the situation.

Also, the screenshot really helped! big thank you !!

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