Letting 'Image Picker' fully upload photos

Hey all,

I’ve been wrapping my head around using image picker.

How I perceive it to work is:
-User selects picture
-When picture is selected it then uploads via the image picker box into the Adalo cloud
-The app can then save the image into different spots of the database via create / update

Where my challenge is, is that it seems like a user can click the ‘action’ button before the image is fully uploaded, and it will then not be saved.

I have tried creating a command where the user can only move from the page when the database entry for the saved picture is not equal to empty, but it seems like the ‘sometimes visible’ command does not see images, or at least when I use the command it does not act as expected. For example when for sure the image is saved to the database and I set a conditional command dependant on image file not being empty, Adalo still treats it as being empty.

I am working in a region with low internet connectivity and image files can often be annoyingly large, so it is very common for users to think they are saving the image files correctly, but since they have not uploaded yet they are not saved.

Anyone else experience this issue and have any clever work arounds?

I am thinking of having the command of saving the image to the database from image picker at a later step, so that there is more time for uploading, but then I feel like this can cause aspects of the app to be operating in an arbitrary manner to the user.

Any thoughts?

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I figured out a work around.

It seems like while there is a bug in the conditional commands in seeing the database status of an image, the conditional showing of elements does see this.

Video here of the issue if anyone is interested: https://youtu.be/7QUsjTUZOr0


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