Can’t put red dot on top

Hello friends
I have a problem wit creating red dot :red_circle:
I want to put in over notification icon, but it always is under header

What to do? I need to add mark of new notifications, but can’t do this

Hi @ZFaith,

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Make the ellipse smaller and drag that to notification icon!

This video made by Prakhar may help you : Day 1 - Notification Badge | 100 Days Adalo Video Challenge - YouTube

Thank you

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Welcome !

Like @dilon_perera said you need to make the ellips smaller

But if you want to add to your current appbar (in drawer icon), I think you need to create a custom appbar and there you can add you ellipse

Group ellipse and navbar, and position of this group would be on Top :wink:

Hello, it doesn’t work— panel always on top and covers red dot

Is it possible to show the setup and the preview from a video?

Sure !