The NEW App Bar Notification Component by NoCodeMonkey

Hi there! Has anyone managed to setup this new component?

I am trying to link a like button so that it triggers the red notification dot to appear.

Anyone know how to set it up?

I have contacted the developer but no reply yet!

Thanks in advance !!

The dots on the app bar notification component display when there is a count that is greater than 0 within that parameter.

So you can add a new collection to your database and call it “Notifications”. Add a one-to-many relationship with users so that a user can have many notifications but a notification belongs to 1 user. Then, when a like button is clicked, create a new notification for that user.

I add a “Read” true/false parameter to the notification so that when the notification has been read, it removes the red dot.


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Thanks Flawless!! I have a notification collection already set up so I’ll give it a try and add the read -true/false.

Thanks for the fast reply. Appreciate it :sunglasses:

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