Can you display images from a row in Image Carousel

Is there a way to display images from within a row instead of a collection? It seems as though it only pulls the images from a column within a collection. I’d much rather keep all of the data for an item within its own row rather than having to create separate collections just to be able to cycle through the images. This is mostly to keep things organized when there are multiple item/image owners in an app.

I watched @pfordmedia’s awesome tutorial on how to Create a Rotating Image Carousel or Gallery with Unlimited Images but was hoping there has been an update since the Image Carousel component was made available.

@ctboita Hi Virginia, there might be a complicated way to pull the images from multiple columns of a record.
But I would highly recommend not to do so.
Main reason is that you will be limited to the number of columns you create in the collection. With the way shown in @pfordmedia’s video the user can decide the number of pictures.

@karimoo, That’s right… I forgot the limiting factor of not being able to create additional columns. I’m sure there are a number of instances where I’d want to limit the user to a certain number of images but can probably change the visibility rules to have the add more images button disappear when the image count gets above x# of images.

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