C2c platform sell page multiple images upload (like a depop)

I’m building a c2c platform like depop. Is it possible to display multiple image posts (enclosed in red), such as those attached, on the same page to display the selected image, description or category, and product price?
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I know his great way, but please tell me other ways and alternatives.

Continuing the discussion from Adalo: Creating a Rotating Image Carousel or Gallery with Unlimited Images:

You can try horizontal list with filtered to current post.

But need to have another collection just as described in that thread.

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I tried horizontal list but it was impossible.
Please tell me the detailed method.

When you click + button at left panel, you can find 3 types of horizontal lists.

Try experimenting which ones you like, regarding text layout and overall sizes.

I use them in my free template thread.

In my case it is put inside another list (nested list), but it needs a relationship to work.

Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 9.27.43 AM

But in your case, it might just be logged in user>image collection.

thank you very much ! !!
Need to set up a DB like you?

This is my DB

Yes, it is better to have additional collection, so you can add as many as you want, rather than put additional fields in posts collection.

Thank you sir,
I would appreciate it if you could explain with an image like the previous reply.

  1. Create a new collection called Post Photos
  2. Add image to this new collection
  3. Add relationship to Post, which 1 Post can have multiple Post Photos

Try adding some records and images to see them in the list.

In your screen, put posts list first and then add another list on top of it and choose post photos (the new collection).

If you need visual, you can clone the free template and modify it however you like.

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Thank you for telling me in an easy-to-understand manner. I tried your way. However, I’m just starting Adalo and I don’t fully understand English. I understand some, but they weren’t perfect. I will do my best. thank you very much

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Thanks to you I got a hint to implement it, and it worked. thank you very much.

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