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Hi All -

I am having some real difficulty solving how to cycle through several multiple properties in a collection column.

Each workout has multiple single exercises associated with it
Each single exercise has its own image

I want to have a screen where I can press a button and cycle through the images of each workout, but does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to filter the collection so I can show the images in order when the button is pushed?

Hi @majumps,

Seems that these links might help:
Image Gallery examples (my first try :) ) (3rd gallery type)
Adalo: Creating a Rotating Image Carousel or Gallery with Unlimited Images

As for the order: you may want to create an additional field of Single_Excersize_ID, make it numeric, put the IDs in order you want. If you use a temporary internal property for storing current ID, and change it +1 / -1 when pressing Next or Prev, you get the order.
This is what’s explained in 3rd gallery type example video.

You can also do that with the approach from 2nd video, I think.

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Thanks @Victor

Really appreciated!

The third gallery is the one I am after.

I checked the database, and its not quite what i expected (having all images store in the same group in the database) but definitely gets the job done.

Thanks very much!

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