Can you use the map feature to input a location (i.e drop a pin and update data with the address?)

I’m creating a referral form within my app, and one of the fields in the form is the location where the referral is being made. I’d like to have standardized data for this (city and state data) and I’m looking for a way to do this without creating a huge data table with a list of cities and states.

My impulse was to use the google maps component to essentially drop a pin, and then have that location provide the location data. Is that possible? If not, is there a good solution that someone has found for standardized location data?

I am no expert myself and still learning, but AFAIK you can use Google Maps API for this, but it is paid.
Other map API’s like OpenStreetMap aren’t supported by Adalo yet.

Can someone confirm this?

This is not possible right now as far as I know.

Complab offers a component that auto completes addresses tho, maybe a good start?

If you are willing to spent a bit more money maybe Complab or other devs can create a component for that.

Preview of complab CL Google Places

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