Cannot access field to update it on screen it would seem doable

Hi all,

I’m trying to achieve something that would seems doable, even if slightly difficult, but I just can’t make it work at all and any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the simplified use case:

Two collections:

  • Users
  • Providers

The following relationships are set:

  • Recommendations (Providers): Users can Recommend providers and their recommendations are listed here
  • Following (Users): Users can follow other Users
  • Manages (Providers): Users can manage Providers


  • Managed by (Users): The user who manages the page.
  • Recommenders (Users): Users who recommended the page

List of Providers, when clicked on one, go to the Provider Profile Screen and send Current Provider data.

Provider Profile Screen:
Displays information about the Current Provider, as sent from the Home screen, along with a “Recommend” button for Users to Recommend the Provider.

What I am trying to achieve:
When the Recommend button is clicked, add the “Managed by” user(s) for the Current Provider to the “Following” users of the Logged-In user.

I can’t seem to do that however as all I have to add in that field is the Logged-In user.

For info:
I can access the “Managed By” field for the Current provider on that screen to display the list of “Recommendations” made by the user(s) listed in the “Managed By” field. I am at a loss as to why I can’t access the “Managed By” field to update the Logged-in user :frowning:

Update: I have explored using the following method to somehow make that use available in the screen but I don’t think it is the right use case for it either :pensive:

This “follow” functionality is very similar to how a “favourite” function may work.

I feel these tutorials may shed some light on your situation and lead you down the right path. If not, I’m here to help further :slight_smile:

@Colin Many thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I’m actually very familiar with these tutorials as I implemented a simple follow function as well.

Unless I’m missing something, what I want to achieve is different though, as contrary to that tutorial, I am not adding a User as a follower on a page where there is a “Current User” but on a page where there is a “Current Provider”, which has a field where a user appears.

I tried to explain in details in the first message but I cannot get the user specified in that field :frowning: