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Hi friends,

we built a tool with two user groups, creators and companies that can book products and services from creators.

What we actually need is the following functionality which (because deeplinks are not supported yet) is not feasible: We want creators to share their profiles with the public so that companies who are interested in the creator’s products and services can directly book them through the Adalo profile.

As a work around we have created profiles also for the company users. From there company users need to be able to “only” see the creators that they work with/ want to work with. So far, we are using a “marketplace” (simple list with search) that lets company users search for their creators, BUT that’s not what we want because companies would then see all creators using our App. They should only be able to see THEIR creators so we can guarantee the confidentiality to the creators using our app.

I have absolutely no idea on how to do it. Any support is much appreciated!


would making a filter to the list solve this?

On your creator Database, you have one field which is a relationship to a company. then you show a list of creators and apply the filter “current creator → company” contains/is equal “logged in user’s company”

Hi Passion,

I made a video about this, hopefully it helps - Adalo Forum Question Companies & Creators - YouTube

One thing I didn’t cover - you can have this screen show up for the unauthenticated users so they can search for the creators without logging in. Then you can push them to sign up / login if they want to book the creator.


The company users are themselves users which we distinguish from creators with a boolean data type. Hence, we cannot create the relationship with the current set-up. Or did I misunderstand the approach?

I think you can create a relationship. And then use the relationship to filter

Cool, thanks, Erik!

Two follow-up questions:

  1. How do I restrict access to unauthenticated users? Right now, a user can just type in any ID and look random creators if the ID they type in matches a creator’s ID
  2. How do I have the screen show up for unauthenticated users so they can search, log-in and then book?
  3. How do I save the creators to a permanent bank for the company user to access through his/ her profile?


  1. How you make the referral codes is up to you. You could use UUIDs (“123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426614174000”), but that wouldn’t be user friendly to search. I would use Creator Name + random 6 digit number. For example “PassionFruit-123456”. That would be pretty time consuming to guess!
  2. when the user searches for a creator and clicks on the profile, send them to a login/sign up screen. Once they’re authenticated, you can have another search section in that part of the app. So when they search a second time and click on the profile, they can go directly to the profile page and dont have to login/sign up again.
  3. Have a relationship between companies and users (i.e., saved users). It should be many-to-many. You can have a toggle on each creator page (favorite button or something like that) when the company wants to save a creator, they hit the toggle, add the current creator to their saved users.

Hi Erik,

thanks for the support, makes sense to me.

On 3) I am stuck. I have both creators and company users as users in one database. How can I create another database with a relationship between them?


You only need two collections (for the relationship): users and companies.

Have a binary field for creator or not (t/f).
Have a relationship between users and businesses (i.e, employees).
Then have a relationship between users and businesses (i.e., favorited creators).

You filter screens, experiences, and actions based on if the user is a creator or not. Everything else should fall into place then.

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