Cannot upload data when more than 100 thousand rows of data are outstanding

I subscribe to a business package, I have 500 thousand rows of data in my Excel, I’m trying to upload it in installments of 5000 rows of data,
After reaching more than 100 thousand incoming data, I got a notification that there was an error that meant I couldn’t upload the data, even though it was in the same format as before.

Can anyone help me from an ADALO representative, I’ve been waiting for my client


Did you tried after logging out and logging back to Adalo and try upload the file? Did you tried with a new collection? Correct format right?

Hai @dilon_perera From the first time I uploaded the format, I didn’t change anything, but after reaching more than 100 thousand data I got a notification like that, and even worse when I published it,The application is not running, maybe it is due to the large amount of data, how should I solve this problem, I have tried to make a ticket to the Adalo team, but there has been no response

Is there anyone from the Adalo team I can talk to about this?

Unfortunately you just need tp wait for your ticket to be responded to.

In the meantime, consider uploading a smaller batch of users, perhaps 100 or 200 at a time, to see if it functions smoothly with this quantity.


I just want to make sure that you have ‘lazy load’ enabled on your lists.
Is your editor even able to load? In any case, I would definitely be looking at Xano to handle your tables, or perhaps just the largest of them.


Having Adalo handle this much data is hard, I would consider you find a solution for the data outside of Adalo, such as Xano or Airtable, also rendering the data in-app will be difficult too

With this amount of data you really need to use a external collection or API calls, it will be more efficient et you will maybe pay less than now

where can I find this setting?

is xano included in the business package?
I’m still very new to Adalo, so I’m still confused

Yes, you can get a launch plan for Xano included.

In the list settings ‘advanced’


I I can not find it I can not find it

Not quite. When you select the list component, then you have the ‘list settings’ for that list.

OK, I’ve found it.
For xano, if the application has been published, can it be migrated to xano?

Moving to Xano = rebuild

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