Can Adalo handle 10K rows a day?

I built an app in another no code platform that uses google sheets for the back end. I hit a couple limits: 1. its limited to 25K rows, and 2. it can’t handle very many simultaneous user entries at once.

Could Adalo handle my use case? I need to have 300-1000 users submit 10 habit entries a day. Thats 10,000 rows a day. I also need to aggregate the rows into charts showing Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly point totals vs time.

Any ideas?

Welcome to Adalo! I am happy to see you joining our community! It may handle it, but if it doesn’t use external storage.

Thank you for the reply! So are you saying no external storage needed?

It may be needed if breaks in adalo! Thanks god adalo allows external services. But if it doesn’t break then keep using adalo servers

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