Was my decision to choose Adalo correct?

Is my decision to use ADALO the right one? I find ADALO to be very slow in resolving my issues, as I’ve submitted a support ticket on the 21st, and my case remains unresolved. I’m unsure if my issue is considered too serious or if the support team isn’t addressing it seriously.


What is the issue you have! I know from your other posts you are dealing with large amounts of records.

Yes, that’s the issue I’m facing—large data, and my application isn’t responding. I raised a support ticket five days ago. The ADALO team requested me to send the Excel file, which I already did, but I’m still waiting for a response from them.

I’m constantly being asked by my clients about the progress; this is a serious issue.

There is no reason this will not work with a Xano back end. My advice is to focus on that. If you need help with it then you can book a call with me and I can help you get setup and show you the basics. Get you back on track for your clients.

But to answer your question, yes. There is no quicker way to spin up an app, it comes with some limitations.

Sometimes they are resolved quickly and most of the time slowly.
I have a ticket open for a problem in a development for a customer since November 10th and still no solution…

Hi @Rozza
Thank you for caring about me; I really appreciate it.

Yes, I’ve started using Xano, but after just a few days, I received a notification that I need to upgrade. When I activate the preview, it only shows a blank screen. I informed them that I’ve subscribed to the business package in Adalo. They sent a form, and it will be processed in approximately one week, which is quite a long time for me.

I’m quite new to Xano, and I don’t have a coding background. In my opinion, Xano is not entirely No Code. I’m struggling with connecting tables and configuring settings in Adalo to make it work. There are many other things I find confusing.

If you’re willing to assist me with this, I would be very grateful.

Deciding on a platform like Adalo depends on your specific needs. Adalo is known for its ease of use in creating mobile apps without coding knowledge, making it great for many users. If it aligns well with your project goals, design preferences, and functionality requirements, then it could be a solid choice. However, assessing if it’s the correct decision involves evaluating factors like your project’s complexity, desired features, scalability, and your comfort level using Adalo. Ultimately, if it fulfills your needs and you’re satisfied with the results, then it’s a good choice.

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Hi @Agung.

I offer 1-1 help and would be pleased to assist in detail. Book a meeting

Hi @Agung I am too facing the same issue and have been for over a year now.

The problem I believe is that they are not actually receiving the emails when you reply to their support email. And so they don’t respond saying that they have not received anything and that they will close the support ticket since there isn’t a response. This is what has happened to me in the past and appears that it is still happening.

What I did was created another account and put in another ticket, while referencing the old ticket, since I cannot get through with the previous account. Adalo’s support team replied with:

“​I see you submitted a previous ticket, and we sent you a reply to that one. I will close this ticket as having duplicate tickets for the same issue splits our time and may decrease the quality of support we can provide. For more information on our response SLAs, please refer to Adalo | Plans and Pricing.”

They are closing the new ticket and I cannot reply to the original ticket and therefore cannot receive any support. Very frustrating to say the least. I would suggest creating a ticket on how you replied but haven’t received a response back.

There have been several other users on the platform that appear to be having the same issue from a simple search. I just hope the Adalo team can look into this further as there is clearly a disconnect.

Best of luck is all I can say!

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