What is up with timezone and how can I adjust it?

My timezone is off by 7 hours, and I just cannot figure out why.

Background. Im creating an event, the data is entered from 6pm-8pm using free text in Adalo. I have it connected through Zapier to create a new event in my google calendar. When I run the process, it shows 11am-1pm. This is consistent as I change the time slots, as it will always be 7 hours behind. I know its not Zapier because it’s reading as a valid time with a 2 hour time slot, and it shows my correct timezone in the test. Does Adalo run off a different timezone? Can I change this to reflect mine?

Screenshot of how entered in Adalo database

Screenshot of how it will pull into Zapier

Screenshot of the test return Zapier gives me (It shows Phoenix timezone, which is correct for me, but the time is not as I had in my Adalo Database

I know this issue is on Adalos side, does anybody know how to fix it?

P.s. where is this “Current Time” feature that I’ve been hearing about for what feels like years (As opposed to just “Date” and “Date & Time”)??

I also want to attach this previous thread that went unanswered. Same problem, when I take the date and time field and use just the integer (.XXXXX ← which is minutes) it is always 7 hours behind. In this case I put 5pm in, and it shows integer as .0000 which would be what 12am should be.

Hi @huntertige,

As I see in Zapier that “What Day Will Deal Begin” is received in “GMT+0” timezone. So when you add “6PM” to it, it results in 17 March, 6PM GMT+0 (which equals 11AM Phoenix time).

Try to store “What Day Will Deal Begin” as a Start of Today, not in Date property but in DateTime property (before you pass that to Zapier).

Best regards, Victor.

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