Dates recording incorrectly

I have two actions that are set up for the same button. They are both set up to record the “Current date” on two separate collections.

However, they are recording different dates.
-One is recording today’s date (Sept 4 Japan time)
-The other records yesterday’s date (Sept 3 Japan time)

Any advice?

Which app are you experiencing this with? I need to try and reproduce this issue but so far was not able to.

This was happening with the Authornote app on my account. I have since removed the rules. I think the issue arose because it was shortly after 12am Japan time (sept 4) and technically still Sept 3 US time. Also one recorded the date as (xx/xx/xxx) whereas the other recorded date and time.

Hey @Colin

It seems like there is still an issue with how the dates/time is recording. I’m currently on JST time. It seems like “Date” is being recorded on USA time but “Date/Time” is being recorded as local time.

Do you know what the rule is for how dates are recorded?

Hey @CopyThat,

Sorry, I might be misunderstanding. Is this related to my question?

I am compiling as much info as possible on how dates and times work within Adalo and will be making a large help doc about this in the coming weeks.

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Thanks Colin,
Looking forward to checking it out.

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