Navigating the editor canvas

I may have skipped a video or 2 but Are there any additional controls when navigating the editor canvas?

The only controls I’m using are:
CTRL + Mouse Wheel
Arrow Keys

Can I move the canvas with a combination of mouse buttons and dragging?
When I use CTRL + Mouse Wheel Down the canvas fully zooms out, is there an intermediate step?

Any help or comments would be appreciated.

Hi Michael,

It’s nice to see you posting in the forum! :slight_smile: It looks like you are still using Adalo, which is great! :partying_face:

Anyways, I personally don’t know of any controls other than the ones stated above and:

CTRL & - (minus on keyboard) = Zoom OUT
CTRL & + (add on keyboard) = Zoom IN

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Hi James, thanks for the reply.

Still here for now. :smiley: The 40 post-mega thread yielded some great replies. I was especially impressed by Collins reply. I will persist for a bit longer and see if I can make some headway transitioning my app to Adalo.

CTRL - (minus) was exactly what I was looking for. Using CTRL + Mouse wheel down gave a full zoom out and was a little jarring.

Other than the cursor keys, is there any way to navigate the canvas, can this be done with a mouse?

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