Cant get MP3 to play via URL

Alright so Im trying to get MP3s to play on Auido Player. I have set up a collection for the tracks, and have a property specialy for the URLs, and Im using magic text to add the URL via text property. Im doing everything exactly as it is shown in this video. Im just wondering if this feature has changed in some way?

Was it working before? Where are the MP3s stored?

Well they worked fine when I uploaded them to Adalo. Now that Im share linking from One Drive not at all.

So i think this is the issue - when storing in third party locations, it simply isn’t allowing access. I made videos on how to get around this with Amazon S3, and also dropbox. It was in relation to video mp4 but the principle i the same- see below: (note- Dropbox is quick and easy, the S3 is a longer video)

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