Can't update relationship via adalo api

Hello, everybody!

Have some truble with Adalo API!

I try to update row in Adalo Collection via API.

I see in docs Body Schema for PUT requests:

Also in Docs i see body example:
“Service Time Slots”: [
“Status”: “string”

Then i try to PUT Data by this schema i get 200 Response.

For “Status” everything fine. I see new value in collection.

But for “Service Time Slots”(relationship) nothing happens. Where are no changes in collection!

What am i doing wrong?

Does anybody have successful experience with changing relationship via Adalo API?

I have the same problem - did you find a solution to this @Kostya?

Hi @berwickgeek,

My experiments show that it is possible to update relationship only for the record which has the “unique” part. E.g if user have several slots, slot belongs to one user - then it’s possible to update relationship field for the slot (change user-owner).
But I didn’t manage to update user (assign another array of slots).

The logic is similar to the one in DB console in Adalo.

Best regards, Victor.


This is a game changer for me - thanks so much @Victor. Just tested it and it’s working like you said.

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@berwickgeek what is interesting - it is possible to update Many-to-Many relationships via API.
Tested it just now - works perfectly, using an array in JSON.

I wonder why updating one-to-many from “one” side isn’t possible.

Best regards, Victor.