Can't link to the screen

Hi. I’m making an Instagram app clone and have a problem. In the 5 screen here I want whenever I click on that person it will direct me to their’s profile. But I don’t know why I can’t link that. Even though I link that to Profile User it’s still not working. Does anyone have an idea for this? Thanks a lot!

Click on the screen itself and screenshot the “Available Data” tab. You should be able to see which screen is not properly linking the data to the profile screen.

Still not working :frowning: Can you look up my app?

Hi @posbyn :wave:

You can create another screen or you can copy the Profile user screen and name it as like User profile ( Other users profile) and then link the list to that screen and in the User profile screen change the details as Current User that detail. And see.

Hope this helps.

Thank you

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