Profile Link in App Bar?

Hey –

Does anyone have a work-around to get a link to a user’s profile from the App bar?

I was able to use the “list of one” trick ( But it’s annoying because it flashes the blue loading spinner in the header and makes everything shift around after it loads.

I’d be great if I could just use the icon sets in the app bar, but apparently I can’t pass in the Logged In User to be the Current User:

Am I missing something? Is there a better alternative?


@konreu Your options at this point are to either use the list of one trick like you mentioned or to have a separate profile screen for logged in users to view their own profile and link to that from the app bar icon.

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Thanks, Ben!

What’s the “login / redirect” trick I’ve heard mentioned? Is there a way to pre-load a user so that it doesn’t spin? Like, is it possible to click to a blank page that loads the user and sends it to the profile page as “Current User”?

Yes, you can add a screen action on that blank page that’s a link to your next page.

Thanks for your help in figuring this out.

I’d heard references to the redirect work-around, but I haven’t been able to get it to work, and haven’t been able to find it here on the Forums or in Slack.

When I create a “Load User” screen, and create a link action when the user visits the screen, it lets me redirect, but it doesn’t let me send a Current User over, so the profile screen is still blank.

Am I missing something? I was hoping that by linking an icon to this “Load User” screen, it could redirect to the profile with the current user.

That will only load logged in user, not “current user”

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