Can't log in nor sign up!

Hi there

During the preview I’m not able to log in or sign up even tho on my users I’ve created one with my password.
So I’ve tried to sign in using a new password but I still can’t do it.
Just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue and if I’m doing anything wrong as the set up buttons and screens are correct…
I just want to check my app before I publish it :pray:t3::pray:t3:

P. S
I also was wondering if I can create two users (like monthly paying teachers and free plan clients) and how I do that.

Thank you in advance for your precious help!

Hi @Ilaria,

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Is it possible to add a video about the preview and the setup in the editor?

You would need each screen but two and you would have a splash screen to send that user to the correct screen!

This Docs may help you!

And also this video made by Victor will also help you! : ( Admin and Normal User )

Thank you

When I click the preview it says I don’t have a profile (despite I’ve added the record on the user) but when I log in, it says I do have a profile but the password is wrong : see attached

Also, I’ve created classes types in the database but I can’t see them either in my preview:

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance

Thank you Dilon!

As you can see I’ve created a user with a true/false property and with a interim screen, I’ll send the user to the right screen whether it’s a teacher or practicioner.
When someone sign up, it goes to “create profile” where they choose to be a teacher (and they’ll be sent to a subscription page) or a practicioner (and they’ll be sent to the first page.

Did you try viewing the Users collection and edit that user record password again to a new one and try to login with that password?

Could you show your list settings?

You would need a true/false property called teacher? Or practicioner?. I will create a true/false property called teacher? and add it on the form that on the create form. Then you can add two link actions on the form that in the create form. First one will be the Link to subscription screen and it’s sometimes when that Logged in user’s > teacher? > is true. And another Link action that Link to the first screen and it’s sometimes when that Logged in user’s > teacher? > is false.

Thank you Dilon, I’ve watched all the videos you sent me but I still struggle to login and sign up.

Also, on the classes page i find this (see attached) when I go see what’s the available data of the screen.

Hi IIaria,

Is it possible to show a video about the Login and Signup setup and the preview?

For the Data missing issue : Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Current Data Not Available On a Screen - YouTube , Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Current Data Missing From Screen, Data Loops and Flow Breaks - YouTube

Unfortunately the forum doesn’t let me upload the video.

I’ve watched all the link you sent me and followed the instructions but it doesn’t work. It doesn’t let me sign up or log in and it doesn’t let me see the classes of the list I’ve created. I can’t see anything…

Do I have to upgrade to be able to see all the data? Or I can build it for free and pay just if I want to publish it?

You can upload that video on your Drive and make it as public and send the Url here!

Is it possible to send me a DM to see your app? I’ll check what’s going on!

You can display data in the free plan and can pay when it’s comes to publish, using external things and add more storage!

Try using Loom

With Loom, you can record your screen and share the link.

I’ve sent you the message with the link… Thank you so much for your help!

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Thank you @Flawless hopefully I’ll understand what I’m doing wrong!

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Loom is a valuable free tool to screen record with. Glad @dilon_perera is helping you out here, but if for whatever reason you’re still struggling, feel free to record a video of your problems and post them here so that we can better understand what’s going on with your app.

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