Cant make user profile visible from click action

Hi. I’m creating a Social Platform with an activity stream. I am trying to have the profile page populate when people click on the post. I have watched three different tutorials and followed every single step and I am not able to complete the action. I am just wondering if it is something that is no longer available. As you can see in the picture that I do not have the option to click “current posts/user/profile picture” but only the option to add the picture from the post itself. The list containing the post is obviously “click action” linked to the profile page. Additionally the relationship has been set up in the data base.

this second picture is the screenshot from the tutorial showing the options i should have as i have followed their every single step. 6 times with the same results.

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What is the relationship you have created between Users and Posts?
Create a one to many relationship between Posts and Users.

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Hi there. Thanks for the quick respose. Yes that is the setting they advised in another tutorial. this gives me the ability to select it (see picture 1) just with the one simple image as seen in picture 2. However when I tested it nothing. The title is set up the same. There has to be something I am doing wrong that I dont realize.

Picture 1

Picture 2
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Picture 3

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So from that Thumbnail, Main Image, Piturre 1, Picture 2,Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5
where does the user’s profile photo is saving?

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I have created an input form for people to add their infor and pictures to the ‘Users’ Data collection. There is a ‘private profile page’ and a public one. The data base fills in the private profile page via ‘logged in user’ function. However, no matter what I try I cant get the "Current Post user’ function to collect data from the ‘post’ data collection. Not on llists or in image and text boxes. Its as if the ‘Users’ collection is protected from view even though i have set visibility to all, and have tried all the different relationships. That’s why I am wondering if there is some setting i have mistakenly changed that is preventing the functionality.

@JayJ_S check whether did you set a automatically field on the form to update the posting user to logged in user. Because when the post clicked goes to the profile screen and that image is current post> user> profile photo.

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