Current User not visible in setting up relationships

Hi all!

I am trying to set up a friend requests feature. I am almost there, but when I try to create an action [Create new Request], I am only seeing [Logged in user] as an option. I need the Current User to show up as well, so that
the [Logged in user] can send a request to the [Current user].

I am following the steps as in this video, but still I am not able to select [Current User]. (Start at 02:25, that’s where i get stuck)

Could you please help me out and take a look at what is going wrong here? Please find a cloneable link here: MealMatch Copy

Hi @youriadaloaccount,

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The problem is you are using a simple list and for this you need a custom list!

What you are using :


What you need :


So delete the simple list and add a custom list and then add the icons inside the list! In the first video Patrick adds this : Friend Requests Function in Adalo: Part 1 - YouTube

Thank you

Great Dilon! Thank you so much for your help and welcoming me :slight_smile:

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