Can't see created Tab bar

I can’t see a created tab bar that I having created from the adalo tutorial for Instagram app. I doing exacty as directed in vid tutorial and I still can’t see it. This is on the discovery page. Please see screenshots of what I see in preview and what is created in Adalo along with the visibility setting for each tab bar group

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Thanks but where which component?

Check this out! : Custom Top Bar.mp4 - Google Drive

@dilon_perera Thanks so much. I struggled all day with this issue. I did try pinning to top many times and with both lists I finally got it where I could see both posts and the bigger gray box then you jumped in and saved the day while I was sleeping. The good news is the particular tutorial has taught me so much about Adalo. I recommend that anyone that is trying to learn about Adalo tries to build this instagram app with this tutorial. Patrick Ford is an amazing instructor. Can’t wait to take more courses. Thanks again for you care and support

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Your Welcome Steve!

Yeah, Agree! Cheers for Patrick (@pford ) :muscle: :clinking_glasses:

You can check lot of courses here : Start here ( I believe you are following the Instagram Tuto from Patrick? )

Yes I am. Just just added again in forum for another issue with view post screen

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