Extra space under bottom tab bar

Hi All,

I am working on an app and added bottom tab bar. It is precisely aligned with the bottom of the screen in the design editor. However, when I view it on the actual mobile after building an APK there is extra space added.

Any idea why this extra space and how this can be fixed?

I have the same question and the same problem. I tried to make a custom tab bar, deliberately made it thinner than the standard one from Adalo and still has a large indent at the bottom …

Todos os apps que tenho aqui feitos no Adalo são assim… é uma falha antiga

This is very basic thing in mobile app development and if Adalo can’t get this one right then one must be wandering about the others!!!

In my case it works push the image or in the case the bar 20% of screen, and fixate at the bottom.


Can you please elaborate it a bit? This is quite a pain in my neck!! Thanks.

As you can see i have my Image component beyond the screen limit and when you use a bar that you created, you should do the same. in that case down.

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Thanks for the hint and will give it a try shortly.

let me know how it goes :wink:

I haven’t seen this as an issue. Definitely send a support ticket indicating it’s a bug.

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I think, in custom tab bar, you can style setting Fixed to Bottom. Doesn’t that work for you? I’m also thinking to go with the custom bar. Let’s see how it goes. The default built in tab bar is not working. Looks fine in editor and viewer, but not on actual device.

So as per Adalo support, this is a known issue with the Tab Bar component. I’ll have to try custom tab bar :frowning:

I have the same problem, and it wasn’t like that before, now even my older projects are like that.
I don’t know what to do.

Are you using Tab Bar component or custom tab bar? I’m now going to try the custom bar. Let’s see if it works. If even that doesn’t work then probably Adalo is not worth it. Rather, we’re just “Paying Testers” :frowning:

I tried with custom tab bar as well. In fact, I copied the bar from the cloned navigation sample and still it didn’t work. So basically the tab bar doesn’t work in any case and there is no other way to provide proper main navigation in Adalo.

Hello Adalo Experts!

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Does anyone has some workaround for this issue? The bottom Tab Bar component and custom tab bar doesn’t show up properly when viewed on mobile. And there is no other proper main navigation available in Adalo.

How come no one is bothered about this basic and main feature? Is there any workaround for this?

Seems like my last cry… :frowning:

There are definitely other ways of doing navigation. One cool way is floating navigation buttons that pop up when you click a menu button using custom visibility. Another is using the left menu type screen option. I’ll try to give you a bit more information, just having trouble with the editor right now.

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Here’s an alternative menu style you can try:

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Thanks for quick solution. Much appreciated. Going to give it a try this evening. :slight_smile:

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Can anyone from Adalo give us an answer on this?
I have clients asking me what’s going on, I’m going through embarrassment with them.