New Beginner In Adalo

Hello all, I am sampling the chat app template with my friend and it works great, the only thing is when a message is sent, they receiver does not see the message to reply , is there a way for the message to automatically show on the recipients phone?

Hello, is the app published on android and IOS or only PWA?

Thank you!

I was just using the previewer, I scanned the qr code to my phone,

Hi @Lyntex,

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Turn on this setting and give a refresh to your app and check again.

Thank you

Hello, please make sure of the following points :
1- You have these three collections inside the database (Conversations, Messages, and Read status)
2- You have connected the list of messages to the right collection.
3- You have activated the Auto refresh option inside the list.
*Note : Activating the Auto refresh in many lists inside the app might lead to a slow performance.

Thank you!

Yes I was testing out the clone template so I assume that is already connected

Did you checked that it’s turned on? If not did you turned on and does that works?

Okay, so now, after checking these points, is the issue still persisting?

Thank you!

i am going to try now

yes they messages do not appear until after a refresh _ I can share the previewer im using

Yes please, can you share the previewer?

Thank you!

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