Matching based on simple math

Trying to build something that matches users with projects, based on skills (which both have). But - it would be unreasonable to require an exact match, so I’d like to use some basic math to help with the match. I can’t figure out how to do this in Adalo, Zapier, etc.

Every time a user logs in
List the projects that need more than 50% of the logged in user’s skills

So if Dilon’s project needs skills of “Programming”, “Chemistry”, “Physics”, “Biology”, and “Engineering”
(5 skills)

and Nolan has skills of “Chemistry”, “Math”, “Biology”, “Acting”, “Engineering”, “History”, “Design”
(3 of the 5 project skills)

We would consider Nolan to be a match for Dilon’s project. Nolan would not be a match if he had one less matching skill the project needed.

How can this be accomplished?

Hi @nolan20 ,

Here you go, free cloneable app which can spark more ideas.

Login as, password a
Or you could setup your own records in skills collection.

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