Can't update logged in user: events attending

Hi guys.

Im having trouble updating a logged in user re/ attending an event.

I’m after a button that can be clicked on an event page that will add an event to a users “events im attending page”.

I started out with a toggle but couldn’t workout how to get a true/false data input to turn into a list of user events so I’m now using a button.

The ability to ‘add’ event to users attending events input is greyed out.

Any ideas? Screenshots attached.

Thanks in advance!

I was able to get it to post the list on the home screen. You need the action to be update > logged in user and then set the events attending to be add current event. You could do this with a toggle as well, the toggle would set the event as attending true then you could create a custom list of events and filter so that it only showed events where logged in user > events attending = true.