Missing Users data on event check in page

I am trying to find out how to update itinerary with checked-in attendees profile pic and username.

Now the app has a few events that each have multiple itinerary within the event. AND users are either attendees or guest speaker user. I have a check in button attached to a survey that collects a few questions and automatically their info and the itinerary they are checkin into.

Some how the users profile info is not coming over to the itinerary q&a page.

I thought I just needed to add a true/false, but not sure where. The itinerary has relationship to users already so I thought the itinerary, but its not working. Still working on it

Hi, can you explain with a usecase since we’re not familiar with the app’s concept,
just describe what should happen

The app is for a tax class, we have a schedule with itineraries, and need the students to check-in to itineraries and be able to ask questions on the specific itinerary as well as keep track of the attendees checking in.

The users info is not pulling over for the q&a screen and it’s not showing the list of checked in users.