Updating all userers record with event date by ADMIN for appearing condtion

Please help me figureout how to make it work.
There is collecetions “Events”
Admin creates event with field “date"of event” and “name”
I want to have appearing button with info about event only for a day of event( I create visiblity condition) so user will see words “EVENT TODAY”.
To get “Event” date i have collection Events with fields NAME and DATE.
I have to create list from this button to get data of event collections to visiblity conditions. SO this is working fine.
This button is located at the top of the screen but when button is not appering empty space appearing.
I do want this empty space. Since button “Event today” is made of list and “list” is occupying this area i need to have visibility condition for this list (maybe even not need for button) but even though that list is a of collection “EVents” in visibility condition settings i dont have Event data, only current user data.
Maybe i can bypass that somewhere?

I come out with idea to create “Upcoming Event DATE” field in collections of users so than i will have a date of “Event today”.
Now , how can updated all users field “upcoming event”?
I watched Adalo hints: how to "mass update" records in the collection with the help of countdown timer - YouTube but couldn’t related any info with updating users collections with data from another collections. How can i solve this issue?
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If I understood correctly, you use 2 different collection and want to mass update both at the same time. You could try to put a list inside a list, User and Events and then using countdown on that list you can mass update/delete items.
I’ve made a video in past but is in Italian language so I don’t know if could be useful for you

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