How to create an attendees list for an event that is updated with the logged-in user's name when the user clicks an attendance button?

My title is the question-- essentially, if a user on our app says we want to attend an event, we want there to be a list in the event that displays all attending users that updates with this new users information.

Hi @proabhi ,

Can you make spreadsheet of this, just screenshots of what you are talking ?

Examples could be helpful.

I don’t want to show different example because of unclear message.

Lets say there is Event X which we are looking to open attendees to. We want to create a “property” on the Event X which marks down every user that is going to the event. A user can confirm attendance by clicking a button. That button should add their username to the property in Event X tracking all attendees

You need to design the database first.

I would say create events collection that is linked to users as attendees, and have a boolean and date time to mark the attending button.

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