Can't upload gif for screen background

For some reason, when I load the gif into the background slot for the screen, it never populates in the preview. When I refresh the screen, the background image selector is blank again… any thoughts?

Hi, yeah sometimes it’s slow (specially when the gif file size is large)
you just have to upload your gif and not close the window hover over it with your mouse, and wait until the loading screen stops (you’ll understand when you see it) after it stops, your gif is fully uploaded,

good luck

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Thank you! How large of a file would you say is “too large” for a background gif? Currently, mine is 42mb - I feel like that may be pushing it a bit.

yeah 42mb is really too large (it’s the size of a whole app)
try reducing it, it’ll make your app much faster , because you can have many troubles with the first one

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I am really confused as to why its that large to begin with actually… I’ll have to figure that out I guess. I downloaded the gif and the full MP4, and for some reason the gif is 5x larger of a file size than the MP4. I don’t think this is normal…

if it’s from, try to see if you don’t have hidden elements under, sometimes when you stack different elemnts on a Canva editor, you can’t see them, but they still there and are downloaded with the file, which is not the case with the mp4, since it takes only what’s visible…

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Okay, thanks! Yeah, it’s from Canva. I’ll make sure to check that. I appreciate the help!

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