Can't user stripe in adalo

so I want to create an action where people use my app as an platform to donate money to other people and my app will not be charging commission.

Because I didn’t register this as an actual business would that mean I am unable to use stripe? Also when i tried the stripe in adalo it is not working for me (as it is not letting me putting my card number) this is my first time using stripe so it is kind of frustrating to me.

Anyone have a solution for this? Thanks.

You don’t need to register a business as such, but you’ll have to have a business ‘name’ and also address etc on Stripe so they can verify you.

Another consideration, if using Apple Store, you might not be able to prove this is a charity, they might cause issues and ask for proof.

With the Stripe component, I’d assume maybe your address needs to be verified first.

Hi what is an appropriate business that can be approved? (As right now I put it as my app name)

And also is there any ways to get around the apple store issue as in how can I upload these type of app successfully? ( the app is for helping Ukraine people get donation for other country people)


Maybe it depends how you distribute the donations. You might need to register with the charity you are putting the money to, or be part of some sort of scheme.

I’m not an expert on this sorry, my only experience was an Apple app store rejection where my customer’s app said “we donate 10% of our profits to good causes”. We were unable to show we are part of a scheme they recognize etc so we had to remove that statement for the time being.


thanks for the heads up

I was wondering would it be better if we changed this into an website so it would be easier? And also for the name part what type of name can be approved by stripe?

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