In app Donations

I’m building a church app and need to allow users to donate to specific churches via the Apple Pay feature. I have used the Apple Pay component with my other apps but am struggling to problem solve the structures that I need for donations. Any advice / help would be awesome.

I’d love advice on this as well.

I would recommend using Stripe Connect and Stripe Marketplace components for this. That way, a church can sign up for your app and connect its own stripe account to collect donations. Here’s the documentation:

The benefit here is that Stripe offers a processing fee discount for nonprofit organizations

Also, you won’t have to manually send any money to the churches after your app has received a donation as the money will be sent directly to the church’s stripe account.

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Do you have experience setting up Stripe? I’m attempting, but it isn’t going as smoothly as I’d like it to!

I sure do :sunglasses: I’ve helped set up Stripe in several apps.

Here’s the link to book a mentoring session with me if that’s what you’re looking to do: Adalo Mentoring - Templar Design

Pulled out the W at the last second! I had to toggle the standard oauth toggle! If it creates any issues, I’ll reach out!

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